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Early Service: 8:45 AM (held in the Chapel)
Sunday School: 10:00 AM
Worship Service: 11:00 AM


We're located at 146 East Main Street in Martinsville, Virginia. For a map and driving directions, go to our Location Page.

For almost 185 years, First United Methodist Church of Martinsville has remained faithful to the Word of God, proclaiming His greatness through worship, scripture study, and Christian action. These three basic ministry fields lie at the core of the numerous and diverse programs offered by our church. From study and fellowship in small groups to service on foreign missions, our church has something to offer everyone. 

Centrally located at the corners of East Church Street and Lester Street in Uptown Martinsville, First Church is easily accessible from all parts of Martinsville and Henry County. Check our Location Page for customizable driving directions.

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From Our Pastor

Posted on 21 September, 2017 by Pastor Keith Ritchie
The Blue Flag

Having spent time the past two Sundays with first the Green Flag, then the Yellow Flag, we have before us in worship this Sunday the Blue Flag. If you do not know the significance of the Blue Flag, I am not going to tell you now, but invite you to learn about it as we worship this Sunday. The scripture referenced by this flag is Matthew 20:29-34, a passage in which Jesus heals two blind men.

In worship this Sunday we also celebrate the ministries of Faith Development at First UMC. There are more opportunities than we realize in which to grow in our faith at this church. We do well to affirm these opportunities and to remember the ministries that take place as we worship God by the offering of our gifts. (Next Sunday, we celebrate the ministry of the Open Arms Sunday school class.)

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