From Our Pastor

Thy Kingdom Come

Posted 27 July, 2017 by Pastor Keith Ritchie

"Thy kingdom come; thy will be done..."

We have prayed these words more times than we can count; we pray these words practically every time we worship.

This Sunday, Jesus speaks to us parables about the Kingdom of God. The kingdom, he tells us, is like a mustard seed; it is like treasure in a field; it is like yeast in a loaf; it is like a pearl of great price. Before us we encounter these parables is this question of Jesus: What are you willing to risk for the Kingdom?

I have shared with you previously that the offering of our gifts in worship and the singing of the doxology is always a moving and powerful moment as we worship God together. This is even more true for me when we celebrate the ministries that take place because of the offering of our gifts.

As we worship with our giving this Sunday, we are given opportunity to celebrate what God accomplishes with First UMC by way of the mission ministries of the church. I am grateful for this opportunity to know how lives are touched for the sake of the gospel of Christ by way of the missions you make happen by way of your gifts. I am grateful to know again how our worship of God is connected to our service of God; it can be no other way.

I look forward to worship in August as, throughout the month, we will focus on the ministry of prayer. The scripture for each Sunday will recall the importance of prayer in our lives. I am excited to explore different types of prayer and hope new ministries may be born of claiming the importance of the ministry of prayer.

A third candidate for the Director of Music Ministries is to meet with children's choirs and the Chancel Choir tonight. As the Staff-Parish Relations Committee is to meet on Monday night, the topic of finalizing a choice for Director of Music Ministries will be on the agenda.

Please put on your calendars small group ministries that quickly approach: "The Creator in Me"faith collage event on August 9th at noon, the woman's study beginning September 12th at noon, and "Take the Flag" beginning on September 12th at 6:45pm. We are blessed more than we know to offer these experiences by which we grow in faith, get to know one another, and draw closer to God.