From Our Pastor

People of Prayer

Posted 3 August, 2017 by Pastor Keith Ritchie

As members of this community of faith, we pledge to support First UMC by our prayers, our presence, our gifts, and our service. We remembered this as we gave attention to the offering of our gifts in worship late last year; in August, we give attention to the support of the ministries of this church by way of our Prayers.

While I know we are a people of prayer in many ways, I also know there many ways we can grow in the practice of prayer. I look forward to exploring some of these practices in these next few Sundays, many of these practices born of recent small group studies such as "A Disciple's Path" and "The God We Can Know." For example: are you familiar with the "five-finger" prayer? Do you know of the "breath prayer?" By the end of August, I hope your answers will be, "Yes!"

Having shared this, I am excited to begin a worship series this Sunday focused on the ministry of prayer. As we do so, the Lord's Prayer, as found in Matthew 6:5-13 seems to be a great place to start. So this is where we will find ourselves in worship this Sunday. The following Sundays in August will also lead us into exploration of the ministry of prayer. As we visit scripture speaking to us of this ministry, it is my prayer that both individually and corporately we will deepen the ministry of prayer within the community of faith that is First UMC, Martinsville.

We are blessed, more than we know, with the many resources for ministry God entrusts to us at First UMC. One of these resources, we know, is the Uptown Ministry Center. While we are to celebrate the many ministries that have taken place there and are currently taking place there, we know there are many opportunities for more ministries to take place in the Ministry Center. Knowing this, there is a meeting of church leadership in the Ministry Center on Monday evening. The main items for discussion in this meeting will be the coordination of certain new ministries for the Center and the "marketing" of the center in the community.

Remember the "Creator in Me" faith and art class taking place on Wednesday, August 9th, at noon in the Ministry Center. Participants will create a "Faith Collage;" call the church by Monday to reserve a place. Previous "Creator in Me" classes have been enjoyed by all; this is sure to be a great class as well.

Youth and JAMZ activities begin with a family kick-off on August 27th following worship with a family bowling outing. On September 10th, there will be a youth and parent planning meeting following worship in the Uptown Ministry Center. I am excited for the great youth and children of this church as we look forward to a new year of wonderful ministries.

Remember again the small group ministries approaching in September: "Take the Flag" and the noon women's study, each beginning September 12th.