From Our Pastor

Earn. Save. Give.

Posted 20 September, 2018 by Pastor Keith Ritchie

Our Church Council meets this evening, and I look forward to our time together. As members of Council have met this year, we have been discussing the book, "The New Adapters." This book, by United Methodist pastor Jacob Armstrong, shares ideas for ministering in new ways and more effectively in our ministry setting. I look forward to our conversation and to sharing in ministry suggested by "The New Adapters," namely: going to pray for those in our neighborhood.

I share this because before the Council Meeting, we will go across the street and pray for the work of the Harvest Foundation. You may know that Harvest recently moved, so this is a great opportunity to lift this Foundation to God in prayer. We have, in recent years, engaged in a ministry of prayer walks, but this will be the first time the Council has gone outside to offer the witness of prayer. This will not be the last time, and I am grateful for this opportunity to respond to God nudging us to go to the places in our neighborhood so as to remember these neighbors in prayer.

As we remember our neighbors, I invite you to share in the ministry of "Donuts on the Corner." This ministry begins Monday, October 1st, at 8am. At this time, I and any volunteer will offer donuts to drivers - and pedestrians - at the corner of Church and Lester. No agenda - just a gracious and hospitable act in which we trust the presence of God is known. This ministry will be offered the first Monday of each month.

We have heard, more than once, of "The Widow's Mite." "The Widow's Mite" is in reference to an account of giving as witnessed by Jesus and his disciples in Mark 12:41-44. This scripture is before us this Sunday, the second Sunday of our Stewardship campaign. This campaign, we remember, is titled, "Earn. Save. Give." a title recalling John Wesley's instruction to "Earn all you can. Save all you can. Give all you can." As Jesus blesses this widow in her act of giving, he invites the sermon title, "Blessed are the impractical." Ray Harm, our Finance Chair, will also speak about the ministry of stewardship, recalling the life-giving ministries your gifts make possible. Such sentiments are spoken by Wesley: "In the hands of (God's) children, (money) is food for the hungry, drink for the thirsty, (clothing) for the naked ... By it we may supply the place of an husband to the widow, and of a father to the fatherless; we may be a be as eyes to the blind, as feet to the lame; yes, a lifter up from the gates of death!'

Two small group ministries began this past week at the church: "Bad Girls of Bible" on Tuesday at noon and "Living Faithfully" at 7pm on Tuesday. Each of these studies will continue for several weeks.

Related to the "Living Faithfully" study, FUMC will host a livestream event on Wednesday, the 26th, at 7pm in the Uptown Ministry Center. This livestream, featuring Bishop Lewis and two delegates to General Conference in February, will provide information regarding this special session of General Conference, as well as opportunity to submit questions regarding this Conference. If you plan to attend, this link is of help.

The Mission Team of the church continues its work upon the home of Jaclyn Littlefeather. Members will be painting this Saturday; if interested in helping at any time, contact Linda Adams or Vicki Harm or the church office.